What Makes It Exclusive?

We have designed a training & selection process for our instructors to ensure that EVERY Booty Jam Fitness® class maintains the same level of quality class instruction!

Although anyone is welcome to register and attend one of our Twerkshops™, our instructor program is audition based and we evaluate each participant who wishes to become a licensed instructor.


Potential instructors do not have to invest time or money in training that does not have promise in a successful career!

Unlike many auditioned based programs where candidates are required to pay a costly registration fee up front and spend hours in training with no guarantee they will make the cut; we have divided our training program into segments to ensure candidates are only attending and paying for the training that suits them.


Our instructors are provided with an opportunity to earn a satisfying return on their investment by providing exclusivity!

Licensed instructors have the added benefit of a class approval process for all classes to regulate the number of classes in any area and to prevent over saturation.  Furthermore, non-membership based venues (where the general public can attend and pay per class allowing instructors to work as independent contractors and increase their income) are priority locations for all approvals.


Exercising Quality Control!

We make every effort to protect our instructors and our program to include enforcing our license agreement to prevent unauthorized practices.  We value our instructors AND our class participants by making the quality of our overall program our main focus.


(Booty Jam Fitness™ Active Member)


Our 3 step audition based instructor program consists of the following:


Step 1 - Try It!


Have you ever taken a Booty Jam Fitness® class?  If not, we invite you to come out and try a Booty Jam Fitness® class so that you may experience this fun and amazing workout for yourself.  If there are no classes in your area, one of our BAM! Trainers™ can arrange to visit your local studio or venue.  BAM! Trainers™  can prvoide demos, presentations, Twerkshops™, and master classes.  During demo classes and Master Classes, our BAM! Trainers™ can evaluate individuals interested in becoming an instructor or extend invites to those who demonstrate potential.

Step 2 - Twerk It!


Need to "twerk"your moves a little bit?  Well look no further than this amazing "Twerkshop™" where you will learn all of the basic concepts and signature movements of a Booty Jam Fitness® class.  Each movement will be broken down to ensure safety, proper form, and the maximum fitness benefits.  Following the Twerkshop™ you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a live class.  Participation will serve as a live audition for all interested participants to be invited to participate in our licensed instructor program training.

Our Twerkshop™ is open to all students AND individuals interested in becoming a BAM! Instructor™.  Price for Twerkshop™ ($30) may or may not include an accompanying 90 Minute Master Class.

Step 3 - BAM!


You've got the passion...  you've got the moves...  you've got what it takes.... so BAM!™ you have it!!!

Selected candidates from the Twerkshop™ and Master Class will be invited to attend an additional BAM! Instructor™ Training workshop where they will learn the format, principles, and choreography for teaching a Booty Jam Fitness® class.  In addition participants will also learn the basics of being a licensed instructor with tips and tools on how to grow their classes and business.

Pre-Requisite: Must attend an Official Booty Jam Fitness Twerkshop™ and be evaluated and selected by a BAM! Trainer™ .  Total initial training and license fee is $295 

(BAM! Instructors™ must also enroll in the BAM! Instructor™ License Program for only $20 per month to actively teach classes.)


Any individual may register for and attend a Twerkshop™ as it is open to the public.  However, attendance is required by all candidates interested in becoming BAM! Instructors™ as part of the “Audition” process and pre-requisite to the instructor training.  As described below, all interested candidates should be prepared upon arrival to the Twerkshop™ to complete the full day of training (consisting of the Twerkshop™ and the BAM! Instructor™ Training Workshop)  and pay the total license fee of $295 in the event they are selected (only the Twerkshop™ fee is required to register, the balance is not due until selected) .  Upon evaluation of performance; selected candidates may be offered the opportunity to become a "BAM!™ Instructor" (by remaining for the duration of the day to attend the Instructor Training Workshop) or the opportunity to enroll as a "BAM! Associate™" to continue their training for a future BAM!™ License.


All decisions on candidate selection, are made by Booty Jam Fitness® in our sole discretion, and are final.  The above selection process is subject to change from time to time without notice.





What is a BAM! Associate™?

A BAM! Associate™ is an Individual that has completed the audition process (by attending the Twerkshop™) and has agreed to the BAM! Associate™ terms of use, but did not attend the BAM Instructor™ Training Workshop.  BAM! Associates™ do not hold a license to actively teach Booty Jam Fitness® classes or utilize any of our Marks, provided that BAM! Associates™ may use the Booty Jam Fitness® Active Member Associate (“BAM! Associate™”) Mark solely for the purpose of identification and affiliation with the Booty Jam Fitness® program, pursuant to and subject to the BAM! Associate™ Terms of Use.  Associates are considered to be Instructor “trainees” and may enroll in the Instructor Training Workshop only upon receiving a recommendation by a BAM! Trainer™ or other representative of the BAM!™ licensing authority.  While enrolled in the program, BAM! Associates™ will be provided with the following benefits and opportunities as available:

  • A discounted BAM!™ subscription fee of $10 per month;

  • Ability to attend classes and work along side active BAM! Instructors™ for the purpose of practicing the Booty Jam Fitness® class signature moves (subject to approval by independent facilities);

  • Access to official BAM! Choreography™ and instructional videos to help understand the Booty Jam Fitness® class techniques and signature movements;

  • The opportunity to re-audition at any time at no additional cost and only pay the difference of the BAM! Instructor™ Training Workshop if accepted;

  • Access to additional BAM!™ Associate features as they may become available.




What is a BAM! Instructor™?

A BAM! Instructor™ is an Individual that has completed the audition process, attended the Twerkshop™, was selected to attend the BAM! Instructor™ Training Workshop, has agreed to the BAM! Instructor™ License Agreement, and has enrolled in the BAM! Instructor™ Program.  BAM! Instructors™ may teach Booty Jam Fitness™ classes and utilize our Marks, pursuant to and subject to the BAM! Instructor™ License Agreement and training manual.  All licensed BAM! Instructors™ must be listed on the website as approved individuals to instruct Booty Jam Fitness® classes before they are eligible to teach Booty Jam Fitness® classes.  All class locations must be approved and registered prior to commencement.  While enrolled in the BAM! Instructor™ Program, Instructors will be provided with the following benefits and opportunities as available:

  • A low monthly BAM!™ subscription fee of $20 per month for the rights to use the Booty Jam Fitness® marks to promote and teach classes;

  • The advantage of a class approval process to prevent over saturation in any given area;

  • Instructor’s classes and locations listed on ;

  • Access to professional customizable marketing materials;

  • Access to new and archived official BAM! Choreography™ and instructional videos to help understand the Booty Jam Fitness® class techniques and signature movements;

  • Ability to buy and sell Booty Jam Fitness® products;

  • Access to playlists and downloadable BAM!™ music;

  • Business and teaching tips;

  • Access to additional BAM! Instructor™  Program features as they become available at no additional cost


Interested in attending a Twerkshop™ and auditioning? Contact one of our BAM! Trainers™.




What is a BAM! Choreographer™?

A BAM! Choreographer™ is a BAM! Instructor™ that has completed additional training with a BAM! Trainer™ specifically on the techniques needed to create quality Booty Jam Fitness® class routines.  BAM! Choreographers™ may create routines and submit them for approval to be released for all instructors to use in class.  Each routine is personally reviewed and approved by our creator, Jeni J.  BAM! Choreographers™ also have the ability to host instructor ONLY workshops to share their approved routines with other BAM! Instructors™.  




What is a BAM! Trainer™?

A BAM! Trainer™ is a BAM! Choreographer™ that has completed additional training specifically on the techniques needed to teach the science of the Booty Jam Fitness® program and our signature moves.  BAM! Trainers™ use these skills to properly train and license new BAM! Instructors™.  Our master trainers are considered to be brand ambassadors and are entitled to multiple benefits and employment opportunities to include the ability to host their own Twerkshops™ and Master Classes.  

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